Nothing Like A Home Cooked Meal

All meals need to be booked in advance so we can prepare your lovely cooked breakfast or wild pork roast dinner with Kiwi Pavlova for desert. We have a set menu which will vary depending on what is available if you have preference please don’t hesitate to ask and we try to accommodate you as much we can.


We have two options available for breakfast either a cooked or a continental breakfast. The cooked breakfast will include most if not all Bacon, eggs, harsh browns, tomatoes, baked beans, spaghetti, mushrooms, toast and spreads, porridge, coffee, tea and juice.

The continental breakfast will include a selection of cereals, toast and spreads, coffee, tea and juice.

Prices for meals
Continental Breakfast:$15 Per Person
Cooked Breakfast: $20 Per person


You can either have a packed lunch or lunch back at lodge. The lunch will include filled rolls, muesli bars, fruit, drinks and if the cook is having a good day maybe some hot scones.

Prices for meals
$18 Per Person


Dinner will be prepared for you at the time you want it. Our evening meals are a set menu and will include either roast chicken, wild pork or beef with roast potatoes, kumara, pumpkin and some greens either peas, cabbage, silver beat and homemade gravy. If you want a specific meat or have any special requests, please let us know when you book. During the summer time, we can cook a BBQ with meats and salads. With every dinner, there will be a desert with Ice cream.

Prices for meals
$30 Per Person