Moerangi & Whirinaki MTB Shuttles


Shuttles & Transport into the Whirinaki Forest

We operate a shuttle service and transport in your own vehicle to all the tramping & walking tracks (trails) and mountain biking tracks in the Whirinaki Forest.

We will securely look after your vehicle while you are away tramping or biking and pick you up at a time that is per-arranged with you.

Please note: Most roads to the walking tracks are gravel roads and are in reasonable condition but occasionally they’re are quite rough with a lot a pot holes. Our shuttle van is 4X4 and is equipped to handle all conditions.

Click here to learn more about the Whirinaki Forest tracks.

shuttle prices are drop off & pick up for Trampers, these are minim prices for the first 3 people

whirinaki track,
[drop off &pick up]

Your Vehicle:
$60.00 or $20.00per person

our Vehicle:
$90.00 or $30.00 pp

Plateau /river rd or okahu valley

Your Vehicle:
$120.00 or $50.00 pp
Pukahunui same as plateau rd

our Vehicle:
$200.00 or $60.00 pp

Okaku /river rd.

Your Vehicle:
$100.00 or $30.00 pp

our Vehicle:
$150.00 or $50.00 pp

Okahu/Okahu rd

Your Vehicle:
$120.00 $40.00 pp

our Vehicle:
$180.00 or $60.00 pp

Plateau rd/plateau rd

Your Vehicle:
$140 or $60.00 pp

our Vehicle:
$240.00 or $80.00 pp